Proverbs 31:26

A virtuous woman is always careful, kind, and helpful with what she says. And she seldom says anything harsh, negative, or sarcastic; she is gracious. This is not rocket science, and it usually only takes a few minutes to make a correct judgment.

She will lift you up when you are discouraged, praise you when others criticize, and remind you of things you want to hear when you need them. She will lovingly flatter you to greater confidence and pleasure in life. When you have children, she will comfort them with verbal security, encourage them to greatness by prudent praise, and teach them how to love and serve by always speaking well of others. You have greatly enhanced your life.

How we treat each other, how we speak to each other, is important in our walk with Christ. It is important that we speak wisdom with kindness when the time is right. With our husbands, our children, and in all of our relationships. I understand that we are not perfect and sometimes, kindness and discernment are the very last things on our minds. I am guilty of that myself, I am a work in progress. But wisdom let’s me know that I am striving for progress, not perfection and the scriptures are there to guide me in my daily walk with Him.

One day, we will be history. What will our story be for the women of the future? What examples will we have set to help them create a kinder, gentler place of peace for themselves and other women?

How do we talk? What is our speech like?

[She Speaks Wisdom]

Much Love,
Team CWIB xx

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