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Online Live God Centred Planning Workshop

18th Feb 2022

Live via Zoom

This online live planning workshop, with SJ, that’s very intimate, God-centred, and purposeful to help you plan for 2022.

CWIBL Annual Conference

26th to 27th Feb 2022

Surfair – Sunny Coast

Winter Business Get-a-Way

29th July to 1st August 2022


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What to expect at our events?

Our events are about uniting Christian women in business and/or leadership together in a safe environment where they can open up their hearts to God, have fun in the process, and make forever friends with like-minded founders, leaders, and amazingly courageous women.

None Judgemental

We don’t care if you attend a church or not. We’re not here to judge you but strengthen you.

Introvert Friendly

We get coming to any event as an introvert can be exhausting, all our events and get-a-ways are designed with the introvert in mind. Plenty of down time and space for you to go and recharge.


We try to balance practical sessions with our faith based sessions so you can have your time with God and take in great content that you can implement straight away.

To the point but safe

We want you to know you’re not alone and can have those trusted friends to confined in. But we will tell you what you need to hear and the truthful with you.

Worship like no ones watching

We love a good praise song, usually, one-worded and sang from the heart.

Be with people who get you

No awkward explaining that you’re a Christian at our events. Feel at ease walking into a room of faith filled Christians.

None networky

We hate networking events with a passion. Our events are set up so no one feels like they’re going to cringe inside or be sold at.

Holy Spirit guided

We know it takes a lot to get an event to run on time. But anything can happen when the Holy Spirit is running the event. Be prepared to for things to change as the events unfold.