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2022 CWIBL annual Conference & retreat



It's time to go back to our roots and discover what it means to be a woman doing business & leadership in the Kingdom of God...

Lady, we are so excited to bring to you the CWIBL Annual conference for 2022!

With also our first awards night, it’s time to get out those cocktail dresses 😉

DATES: 26th to 27th Feb 2022

Location: Surfair, 923 david low way, marcoola, queensland, australia, 4564

*COVID PLAN 2022 – We will either move to the next year (last weekend in Feb 2023) if we’re all in lockdown, or if just a state is in lockdown and SJ can still get there, we will move your ticket to a virtual one and refund the difference.

There are no full refunds available for conference tickets, however, you can sell or gift someone your ticket up to 5 days before conference, just let us know and we can change the name.

CWIBL is not responsible for any natural disasters or causes that may result in cancelling the conference. Including Pandemics or COVID.

We will do our best to change the dates of the events if such thing happens.

This year I invite you to our annual conference for 2022 where you’ll have the opportunity to…

… Restore, Reconnect, Realign …

This is your opportunity to take a break. Come and learn from some inspirational Christian women and focus on restoring your soul. Reconnect with God, and claim your identity so you can realign yourself and your mission with your Father in Heaven.

Our aim is to have you leaving feeling confident in who you are, confident in your faith, and refreshed to start the year ahead.. 

On Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in our retreat sessions and hear from our unique range of keynote speakers and The Panel. Our speakers will be sharing their knowledge on identity, business & God, inspirational business stories, marketing basics, plus more…  You’ll have time to yourself to do what you’d like with…

Saturday Night is networking party night, we’ll be getting dressed up in our favourite “feel good” outfits and letting our hair down for the night, making new business besties.
(Think drinks and canopies next to the pool)

Followed by Sunday, which will be our Retreat & God time. During these sessions can take some timeout, hear from Lorellee on The Blessing of Abraham, tips about running an eCommerce store, followed by some planning & our ever loved prophetic session. 

We are so looking forward to hosting this 2022 conference for you, Lovely. We know that God is going to delight in you!

See you there!

SJ xx

Worship & Prophecy

Restore, Reconnect, Realign...

Meet Our Speakers

Emma Willmann


Emma may be the world’s first criminal prosecutor turned style coach, it’s hard to say. Yes, Emma’s path was unconventional but it also taught her how to straddle different arenas and create her own niche.

Emma  went from a demanding career in the law, to being a mama of 4, whilst building her own image consultancy and coaching business.

In the early days, juggling roles was unnerving but over time, it gave Emma a roadmap, the Signature Style Strategy, which she now uses to fast forward her client’s through life and career growth and use their image to continually kick goals.

Emma will be taking us through a session on our identity and our businesses.

Jordan Bariesheff


Jordan is passionate about inputting into women’s lives. 
She believes it is in the ‘light’ and easy seasons we spend stuffing our treasure chest and hearts full of the good things so that when the storms of life come, we have the ‘supplies’ to get us through. 

Jordan has a passion for encouraging women to know and love God’s word and live it out in real and tangible ways. She knows the importance of understanding who God is and what His word says so that through all the seasons of life, God’s promises and truth are the loudest voices we hear. 

Speaking from personal experiences & life stories, Jordan’s range of topics and interests to women from Christian women in business, to the grief of dreams and loved ones.
She is engaging, down-to-earth, fun, and heartfelt. 

Jordan is a freelance graphic designer, wife, and mother of three.
She is based in Brisbane Australia. 
Jordan will be sharing Her Story & eCommerce Tips & Tricks.

Jess Ndenda


Jess is CEO/Owner of Olive Louise Social a boutique Marketing Agency in Business.

Jess is passionate about helping businesses by understanding their brand and teaching them how to relate it to people! Knowing why people purchase and understanding what fuels a purchase decision is the essence of effective marketing & where Jess thrives!

Jess will be sharing on Marketing Basics.

Deb Rowling


Deb is passionate about helping business owners understand their finances. She believes that when business owners understand their finances, they can make informed decisions for their business, strengthening them and their business. She is also passionate about helping business owners claim back their weekends, by looking after their business bookkeeping needs.

Deb went from being a primary school teacher to being a bookkeeper and BAS Agent (read: one of those weird people who love numbers) and runs her own business from home in Toowoomba. She is familiar with the tension of being a business owner and a wife and mum and loves to see other business owners freed from their financial stressors, to be able to make confident and well-informed decisions that benefit their businesses and their families.

Deb will be sharing a session on Knowing Your Numbers.

Lisa Bruton

Arise Sanctuary

Lisa is the founder and director of Arise Sanctuary, an organisation that runs luxury boutique retreats for women. A qualified occupational therapist and life coach, Lisa is passionate about creating spaces for women to stop and hear God’s voice. Arise runs domestic and international retreats for women to rest and be refreshed, but most importantly to have the space to reconnect with God, to restore their hearts and reestablish their identities. A mum of two young girls, Lisa is dedicated to seeing women equipped and empowered to step out and follow their dreams.

Lisa will be running our Retreat sessions on Saturday & Sunday.

Lorellee Colley

Prophetic Ministry

Lorellee runs Prophetic Activation Schools and other training seminars and loves to see people equipped, trained and released into their gifting and calling in life.

Destiny Strategies regularly takes trained teams to various events, seminars, conferences, markets and psychic fairs where many searching people are given accurate words from God (prophecy), providing a reliable alternative to the mystics.

Lorellee, with her husband Phil, are also passionate about Prophetically Encouraging Business People to step into the Power to create wealth for the Kingdom and see this anointing activated in Business People’s lives.  

Lorellee will be taking us through a session on Abraham Blessing & prophetic.


Sarah-Jane Meeson

Conference Host

SJ is founder of CWIB and loves nothing more than to encourage and support women in business.  With a background in digital marketing, SJ found herself lonely in the market place and wanted to create a community where Christians could come talk about all things business with Jesus at the centre and so CWIB was born Feb 2017…

SJ will be your host for this conference and can’t wait to share what God has put on her heart for you xx


~ These prices are for a limited time, get them before places are sold out or the cost increases ~

You can purchase just tickets for the Awards Night, All other conference ticket include the Awards Night. Awards Night Dress Code is COCKTAIL ATTIRE.

Prices are PLUS GST.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please contact Lou for more information.

Tickets Close in...


Both Days

No Accommodation (Food is included)
$ 458
Per Person
  • Both Day Entry
  • Food & Drinks Included
  • Delegate Gift
  • Prophecy
  • Professional Head Shot
  • Retreat Day
  • Evening Activities & Dinner

Saturday Only

No Accommodation (Food is included)
$ 283
Per Person
  • One Full Day Entry
  • Food & Drinks Included
  • Delegate Gift
  • Professional Head Shot
  • Evening Dinner & Activities


x For those who want to join in from afar x

Virtual Ticket Both Days

Watch from anywhere
$ 340
Per Person
  • Access To All The Conference Sessions
  • Access To All The Retreat Sessions
  • Digital Conference Goodie Bag
  • Watch From The Comfort Of Your Home & Location Of Choice
  • Personal Prophetic Word
  • Feel Refreshed & Restored
  • Have access to and watch replays
The retreat


We’ve designed this Conference so you can get away for the weekend and enjoy some time to yourself.  Escape to the beautiful Sunshine Coast for a girls’ weekend and some ‘you’ time…

Surfair – 923 David low way, Marcoola, Queensland, Australia, 4564

Heart-Felt connection

be united

Each year at CWIBL, we love to get together and have one big Business Social and our CWIBL Annual Conference is just that.

A massive business social and it doesn’t matter if you are not part of our membership, this conference is for every lady out there and we welcome all women to take part in our conference.

The Pannel

What do our delegates think...?

Karen Maurer

This weekend away was perfect in every way. This was my first time meeting anyone in person with CWIB, but amazingly it felt like there was an instant connection with people, as if we’d known each other for years.
I felt God honoured us by intentionally taking time out, and he was speaking so tenderly, beautifully and personally. The speakers were amazing, and you could hear their passion to run after God’s own heart, and encouragement for us to do the same.
I love that I found women who ‘get it’ to have a business and a family and other parts of life. I learned lots of strategies to keep moving forward, even when it seems tough, or make a call to a listening ear.
I feel totally blessed and honoured to have been a part of this weekend. I can totally recommend it and would love to come again.

Jen Lackersteen

What a weekend! I learned more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and what to let go of in my business to be more successful. It can be so hard in the busyness of life to stop and make time to allow God to speak to you. Having that time during the conference was priceless. I’m sure I’ll see results in all aspects of my life in the coming days and months.

Kelly Wood

You all worked so hard to make it such a beautiful and life-changing event. Something I will never forget. I love this community with all my heart.

an intimate weekend for you


We have spoken with the conference centre and we would look at moving the conference date if something comes up regarding COVID and not giving out refunds. We have to pay the conference centre in instalments throughout the year that’s why we can’t offer refunds.
We can pass tickets on to others or you can sell your ticket to others but no refunds I’m afraid simply because we don’t get refunds from people who drop out from the conference centre.

No it’s not it’s for everyone! A lot of our members come because they love to opportunity to catch up with other members and meet them face to face, as well as the value and calibre of speakers and what each of them bring.

No, literally any is welcome to join conference those who know Jesus and those who don’t.

Nope, we encourage any woman who is thinking about starting a business or those who have been in business for twenty years! You will be in a room full of the wisdom of those in business that you can ask questions and be inspired.

We are at a different venue this year and the venue charges more for each person to stay so the prices had to go up so we don’t kick ourselves in the foot and leave ourselves short. It’s still great value for money. I don’t know many business conferences out there, that are under $700.00AUD’s and offer accommodation as well as food and conference entry fee.
People will be surprised at how much conferences are to run, but our God is big and He supplies. So if He wants you to be there, don’t even look at the numbers, instead look to God. He will supply.
*As a side note, we don’t make a profit from the conferences and our Founder SJ doesn’t get paid for it either. We hold our conferences because we believe in the power of them, we believe in all the women out there and what they are doing through their businesses and we want to encourage, strengthen, and unite them. This is just one of those avenues that accomplishes that and that the Holy Spirit has anointed.
It’s for women who…
Want to come for a weekend of restoration in Jesus. For those who want to re-cup, recharge, and spend some time with God to work on their businesses or their dreams.
It’s for those who want to expand their faith and be encouraged to think out of the box and deepen their relationship with God.
It’s for those who want to get around other women so they can learn and make forever friends with.
It’s for those who want to learn about marketing and leadership. If you’re thinking it’s time to expand your business/team and bring on extra staff or even your first team member. You can learn from those who have gone before you.
It’s for those who give and need some time to receive and be filled up.
…and it’s for the woman out there who has dreams that are bigger than herself.
So if you’re a Christian woman in business or planning on being, we’d love to invite you to join a weekend like no other…

At present we are only offering upgrades. If you wish to upgrade, please purchase the ticket you wish to upgrade to, then send us an email and we will refund you the amount of your lower ticket.

Meet Our Sponsors...

business market place & sponsorship


Each year we have a Business Marketplace for businesses to come and share their amazingness to our delegates via a market stall.  If you’d like to hire a stall for the day please purchase a Business Marketplace Pass.  If you’d like to sit in on the conference you will also need to buy a conference ticket of your choice to cover costs and food.

Your Business Marketplace pass will cover; small table and room for your banner, a flyer or something pretty in the delegate bags.


We are always on the hunt for sponsors too to help out, it doesn’t necessarily need to be money, if you have a service that could help us with the conference.

If you can help in any of the following areas for free in return you’ll get:

+ free access to the whole 2 days with all food and drinks

+ Promoted as a sponsor on our website, podcast & one free full page ad in our digital magazine.

To look at our Sponsorship Packages please download your Sponsorship Pack below.

The Conference Program will be available closer to the day xo Here is an example from 2019 ox

If you would like to become an affiliate for the conference, please contact us at and we will set you up as an affiliate and you can earn 10% commission for each ticket sold.