Are You Being True to You?

Are You Being True to You

I think the first thing about marketing is to do what you feel is authentic. Even if it does not match anyone else. And even if you are basically using your business on line because it is global-it is still important to do some things off line as well. 

What does that mean for you?

My story goes like this and many of you would find a very different story.  You must find your story and how you lead to others and market the products.

I prefer to meet with people one on one or a small group. Why? I find it connects us more and we get a much more authentic discussion about work, family and relationships. Some of you might say ‘Oh Linda, that’s not at all what I do. The bigger the group the better.’ And so that is your group and you need to use it fully.

I also know that if I am leading a networking group and introducing a speaker then it is different and I can connect with people even if it is a larger group. So I know that and learn how to use it.

I do speaking gigs and I find humour and real life authentic stories are what I find the most helpful when I’m talking about business, relationships, books, or whatever. Some of you may find that not your way of doing it and it might mean more corporate or more straight down the line. And that is the best way that you know how to do it.

And one of my big things now which I have spoken about before is first slow down so I really know what is best for me at the time. And follow that even if I am the only one doing it!

I guess what I’m saying is that it is first and foremost what you find works best and then just keep upping it. My business is largely on line but I still take time to connect with people off line.

More and more we find people just want to hear our stories, our authentic tribe and the bad as well as the good.

So marketing is almost a by product of what you are doing for others. As you naturally share because you love your product or coaching or whatever you do, people will connect with you when it is real.

And I think the fun factor always has to be part of it-even if it is a serious talk.

What are you already doing well off line? And what do you know you can do even better that makes you even more YOU when you talk to people?

Linda Chaousis

Linda Chaousis

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