After God’s Own Heart

A woman after God’s own heart remembers the character of God, she remembers the promises in His word.  She knows that God has not forgotten her.

A woman after God’s heart will root His promises deeply within her heart.  She trusts Him fully.  She reflects on the past times He has saved her.  Seeing His hand at work in her life over the years is something she has trained her heart to do.

She loves to just sit at the feet of Jesus.  She is comfortable there.

A woman after God’s heart will continuously ask to be drawn closer to God.

The mighty woman after His heart willmake time to worship and praise God.

The woman after the heart of her Heavenly Father waits expectantly as He strengthens her.  She keeps believing that she will see God’s goodness.

How are you running after the heart of God?  Which one of these habits do you need to be more purposeful in developing?

Much love
Team CWIB xx

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