Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Work Out Your Pricing & Packaging

1. Set up your main products and packages in your payment gateway of choice…

To really get a good “Client onboarding” automation going on it first helps to package together with our offerings…

Now I know this isn’t possible in all situations, however, do the best you can with what information you have.

By grouping our products together in a number of packages, we are able to:

+ Set up automatic and online payments.

+ Set off Welcome Emails triggered by the payments.

+ Add into Welcome Emails a link to information about what we need our client to do next.

We can set up upfront payments using the following plugins and software (presuming you’re on a WordPress Website) We learnt this in the previous bundle…

+ WooCommerce – Is free and basic and with a magic wand (of which I will share in the next lesson) we can get WooCommerce to talk to Active Campaign, without you needing to go on the “plus” plan of AC ;-). You can get the free WooCommerce Plugin here >> and here are some videos to show you how to install it >>

+ Thrive Cart – One-off fee you can use it with any website as we use a link to take them to the product (yes, this is the same product we spoke about in last months Bundle). You can get Thrive Cart Here >>

So what do you need to do from here…

  1. Look back at your data of what’s been the most popular services you’ve sold.
  2. Work out how can you put them into packages… (eg. Basic website five pages (home, about, services, contact us, blog, or four hour consult with SJ)
  3. Price them up! (This is a great opportunity to go through what isn’t working or any services you haven’t sold and get rid of them!)
  4. Pick your up front payment software/plugin of choice.
  5. Set up the different packages in the software/plugin.