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Qualifying for a service based business

Ecommerce people! Still watch this video and go through these action tasks as it will still get your juices flowing.  After this, I will show you an example of what you can do!


In this video/lesson, I am going to take you behind the scenes of how I have my qualifying process set up, which is a sales funnel, too.

I give different examples in the video of how you might like to set it up for yourself to suit your business or the business you work for to make life a little easier.

I get it, that when you first look at an automation it may seem a little overwhelming, that’s ok, take a breath.

Once you know the different parts, it will seem more simple.

Here is a screenshot of the example I showed you in the video.

Once you’ve finished with this section, please move onto the next lesson or topic by clicking “Mark Complete”. We’re going to touch on eCommerce stores…