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Inbox Strategy

Inbox Relief…

Let’s take a look at how I have my Gmail set up – how we can give you a bit of breathing room in your inbox so you’re not so overwhelmed with all the emails and set yourself up for productivity over distraction.

It just takes a couple of adjustments and you’ll be feeling a whole lot better.

In this video, I show you the tips, where to find them and how to use what Gmail has on offer to give you inbox relief…

Video recap (we will go through the “Spring Clean” after this) …

  1. Set up so it shows only the minimum amount of info. Click cog top left, select “display intensity”, click “compact view”.
  2. Get rid of distracting tabs… Click cog top left, select “configure inbox”, tick only “primary view”.
  3. Enable “Send and Archive” button to show. Under “General Settings”
  4. Turn “Conversation view” off. Under “General Settings”
  6. Check out the “snooze”, “send and archive”, and “Schedule Send” features.

Once you’ve finished with this video and playing with the features, hit complete and please move onto the next lesson.