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Impress them before you meet them!

Email Copy

This email copy is for you to use when someone books in for an appointment to meet with you. I will teach you how to set up this email later on in this bundle.

Five tips to make this template sound like you

  • Swap first person (i.e. “I,” “me”, “my”) for third person language (i.e. “us”, “we”, “our”) depending on your brand voice.
  • Replace the greeting with how you’d normally say hello. Example: Hola, yo, hi ya, hi there, howdy, g’day.
  • Change the examples (i.e. the dinosaur and Twilight) to be more relevant to your audience, geographic location or demographic.
  • Modify your sign out with your preferred word usage. Example: Ciao, catch ya soon, much love, xo.
  • Weave your everyday language through the email so it feels more natural and aligned with your personality.