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Share With Us Your Story of How You Got Into Leadership

As a young child, growing up in apartheid South Africa and facing challenging family circumstances as well,  I always had an innate sense of aspiring to rise above these circumstances. I was raised in a non-Christian family, but prior to my dad’s death (when I was only 8 years old), he converted to Christianity. It was on the day of his funeral that I had a beautiful encounter with Jesus. While I lost my earthly father, Jesus entered my life and I gained a Heavenly Father who has walked with me and guided my steps up till this point. I learnt the foundational  steps at the feet of Jesus, having daily communion with Him, worshipping and
and studying the Word. My career in teaching (Music and English) eventually led to me becoming a school counsellor. I obtained various tertiary qualifications, in particular Masters in Education (School Management/Leadership). I have held various leadership positions in Counselling and Education in several countries (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East). All along those journeys, I was pursuing after my God-given destiny and in recent years it culminated in the birthing of my private practice, Empower Counselling and Coaching Services. I believe God has called me to inspire, empower and lead other people, especially women to fulfil their God-given destiny and calling as well as working as a Couple’s Therapist. Since May 2018, I have been a school Counselor full time, while working as a Couple’s Therapist part-time. I knew it was only a matter of time, when I would launch into my private practice full- time. That time came during CWIB conference this year in February when the Holy Spirt led me to “Jump” and assured me He was “in the jump”. I resigned from my full-time job in March and am now building my counselling practice. I believe this practice will grow exponentially to include other counsellors, therapists and coaches. This is a kingdom business and my hope is to reach out globally too to impact the lives of others so the Gospel can reach the uttermost bounds of the earth.

If you could give a bit of advice to your younger Leader and/or Business Owner what would it be?

Something I’ve learned on my journey is that it takes hard work, perseverance, staying true to your faith and trusting God all the way. It’s His agenda and not mine; pursuing after his plan for me; seeing that this is not just about me, but about others that will be impacted and never giving up on your dreams. I’ve learned too that in the process, God is refining me and the am still a work in progress.

What Are You Three Favourite Things About Being A Leader...

1. I love to motivate and encourage others and see them grow.
2. I enjoy connecting with others and not just imparting ideas and wisdom, but also receiving and learning from them, no matter the age.
3. I thrive on seeing people succeed abs achieve their goals.

What Are You Three Favourite Things About Being A Business Owner...

1. I get to have the freedom to be creative, to be my own person and be in charge of my life.
2. I get to determine the lifestyle that works best for me, decide when and where I want to work.
3. I get to have flexibility in my schedule and also have control over financial earnings.

What's your "Go To" Leadership Bible Verse & Why?

Psalm 32:8

”I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you”.

What's Your "Go To" Business Bibles Verse & Why?

Matthew 7:12

”So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”.

Justice, mercy and humility are important in leadership and accepting; loving others and treating people with dignity and respect is what is required of us to be good witnesses of Jesus.