So here you are, you’ve gone ahead and started a business. You’re working hard and
juggling cash flow, business proposals, advertising and marketing, setting up websites and social media pages, you’re engaging your industry, you just might even have a cash flow

And then you have your faith. Faith being your relationship with God and the complete trust
and confidence in Him.

For many years we have operated with the concept that a Christian is who you are and an
entrepreneur is what you do. But what if we brought the two together?

I wholeheartedly believe that God has given each and every one of us skills, expertise and
anointing to carry out the assignment He has for us on earth. Many people believe this is
only applicable if you are on the front line of ministry. But that just isn’t so. Entrepreneurs
have a very important role to fill in the Kingdom of God.

1 Corinthians 11: 12
Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its parts form one body, so it is with

So how does it look to have faith and business working side by side?


Wisdom is air to an entrepreneur. Risk is a necessary factor in all business dealings. Just the fact you started a business was a risk. And then to grow that business, you must take risks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have God’s wisdom guiding you through? Knowing which risks will be worthwhile, and which ones you should steer clear from?

My husband and I have experienced this first hand. There have been times Jeremy has been
deliberating over tenders and then presented his best price to our client only to be told that
it’s beyond their budget. This is a moment where we have to use wisdom to know if we are
in a position to negotiate on this job or walk away.

We need wisdom like this in every business decision we make.

If you have met an entrepreneur, or you are one yourself, you will know that they have a unique ability to acquire resources. Whether that is finances or physical things that can be
put to use, they seem to have the connections and know-how to get it done.

Whenever you are in conversation with an entrepreneur you can be assured that if you happen to mention you need something, their brain will start ticking over how they can either get it for you, or help you access it.

This is a gift. The phrase ‘he could sell ice to eskimos’ is often heard to describe an entrepreneur. And this is a unique gift to have and can be used to play your part in the
Kingdom of God.

Ministries, missionaries, third world communities are in desperate need of these resources. And all it takes is a Kingdom minded entrepreneur to act as the filter. The resources God brings through your business, could they be donated to further bless the kingdom of God?

I heard an entrepreneur share his story once. He would get up every morning and spend time with the Lord before he started his day. He would do this, day in day out. And he had a very successful, prospering business. And then the GFC struck. Every other business in his industry was closing, one by one. But he had laid the ground work in prayer years before. So he did what he knew to do – pray. Over the following months God gave him the specific strategies of how to operate his business and navigate the hard times that were
surrounding him. As a result, he wasn’t required to lay off one staff member and his business survived and continued to prosper once the hard times had passed.

This man knew the source of his business. He knew who had walked the path before him
and who knew the way through. And he chose to spend the first part of everyday with Him.

When we run our businesses for the glory of God it gives us a greater purpose. What would
you why be if it wasn’t rooted in Jesus? Make more money, buy a bigger house, get a better
car, retire at 35? These are great goals, but material items can’t be your purpose.

We each have a purpose, an assignment on earth to fulfill. This is worth so much more than
the material possessions you may collect along the way. Faith and business side by side gives you deep rooted purpose.

And this purpose is exactly what will keep you going on the days you’re ready to give up! Cause trust me, those days will come!

I not only believe it is possible to walk out your faith through your business, but I think it’s necessary. If business is your calling then guess what? God is part of it! And He longs for you to include Him in every part of your life.

Be blessed!

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